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Caring for

Last year in Indiana, 1 in 6 babies were born drug positive.   Worldwide, an estimated 26 million children have experienced the loss of both parents. As people who understand family extends beyond genetics, we want to see children and families come together in love through foster care & adoption.

How You Can Help:

Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent

Loving family is perhaps our greatest asset.  Consider how you may choose to share that resource with a child in need of temporary or permanent belonging.  If you have ever been curious, there has never been a more urgent time to explore.

Advocacy & Volunteering

Children in the foster care system have many adults fighting for their future: biological parents, state lawyers, & even well meaning foster families.  But someone needs to represent what is in the best interest of the child, with no other agenda.  That is the role of a CASA.  Volunteer now to make sure that children have a voice for their future.


Adoption can be expensive.  There are many children waiting to be adopted and many families that would love to adopt, if only they had the funds.  Through Village to Village, Intl, you can contribute funds to help families & children choose each other.

Support for Foster &
Adoptive Families

Foster Care and Adoption comes with many challenges.  We want to make sure that anyone who enters that adventure has the support they need to walk through those challenges with others. 

Foster Closet

The Foster Closet at Northpoint seeks to provide foster families with clothing and basic care items to help foster families overcome the challenges associated with fostering a child.

Support Groups

COMING SOON: Listings for local foster care & adoption support groups so that everyone can find the support they need!

Have a question?

If there is any way we can help you find more information, get a question answered, or connect with a resource that might be helpful, just let us know!