Choosing a lifetime of love

Every child carries the reflection of God’s goodness we are all entrusted to nurture. Adoption breaks down the artificial walls of genetics and embraces our beautiful responsibility to choose to care for each other as family.

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Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption can allow birth mothers and adoptive families to choose each other even before birth.  Agencies ensure the highest levels of care and preparation for both the birth mother and adoptive family, which comes at a higher cost — often more than $25,000.  Here are a few we recommend:

International Adoption

While there are many great international adoption agencies that exist to serve a variety of countries, here are a few we recommend:


Finances, Grants, & Tax info


Village to Village – a local organization that allows prospective adoptive families to raise funds, once completing an application and review process.


There are a variety of organizations providing grants to families pursuing domestic or international adoption.  Click the button below to view a list of the various organizations who provide grants.

Tax Info

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit for 2018 is $13,840, which can be claimed for qualifying adoption expenses.  More info can be found by clicking the button below.

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